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Humans Who Partnered with us.

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Equal parts creativity and collaboration

It takes a solid team to get a website created and launched, so we partnered with an impressive bunch.

The saying goes, “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” But it’s also lots of pixel-pushing, planning, collaboration, coding, and if we’re being honest, caffeine. We’re grateful to our talented friends at Solid Digital and Adtaxi for getting this baby up and running. 

Meet the humans

Aimee Babcock

Director of Brand & Creative
ShopCore Properties

"All my dreams are now in LivCor brand colors and duotones."

Amber Stansfield

Director of Production
Solid Digital

"Plan, adjust, plan, adjust, plan, adjust...celebrate!"

Andrew Halverson

Director of Marketing

"Hung out with amazing humans and made a decision
or two."

Bryon Spencer

Strategic Account Manager

"I was a fly on the wall dotting "i's" and crossing "t's"."

Curtis Renkiewicz

UX/UI Designer
Solid Digital

"Created a telenovela by stealing Tetris blocks."

David Danish

VP of Revenue, Marketing,
& Strategic Initiatives – LivCor

"I may not be a copy editor, but now I can say that I played one on TV."

Derek Lauritzen

VP + Creative Director
Solid Digital

"Loved working with highly organized humans who
truly care."

Hayley Johnson

Project Manager
Solid Digital

"Made lists and checked
them twice."

Jessica Alkass

Engagement Manager
Solid Digital

"Started with an intro call,
now we’re here!"

Kelly Vohs


"Collaborated with this remarkable dream team."

Natalie Stahl

Digital Strategist

"With words, wine, and Chopin, we set sail for the SERPs."

Rolake Balogun

Marketing Advisor

"Viewed all our teams through a kaleidoscope lens."

Whitney Sirard

Senior Graphic Designer
ShopCore Properties

"Conducted a team of
talented humans towards
a harmonious creation."