Our business is multifamily asset management focused on making real estate more valuable. But for us, it’s more than that. It’s people first, community always. It’s a life-filled career, not just a career-filled life. It’s doing good work, with good humans, and making a difference. It’s excellence in all its forms. Ultimately, we create great places to work, live, and grow. We do that by focusing on leaving people – and places – better than we found them.


We want you to be you. You should spend as little energy as possible trying to be anything other than the real you. Authentic humans are what we care about, not perfection. We want to hire the very best and create an environment where everyone is valued and  appreciated. Be comfortable and confident bringing your best, wildest and most boundary-busting ideas to the table. There’s great work to be done, and we’re firm believers in digging in, getting your hands dirty and getting it done. To do that, diversity of ideas/thought is essential. You doing you is how we’re able to be the very  best version of us we can be.

Honesty matters. We start with 100% trust and that trust must continue to be earned at each interaction. We must earn our place in each other’s lives every day. We want the open discussions, diversity of ideas, and healthy conflict that mashes the status quo. If we can’t be honest with each other, we can’t be anything. We say no to yes people. Nobody sees eye-to-eye 100% of the time, but once we’ve committed to an action, we’re unified in it. “Let’s agree to disagree, disagree and commit.” We want everyone to speak up, speak your truth and speak it often. Honesty is hard. The very best things are hard.

We’re open to being more open. We must share our truthful feelings in a fearfree, non-judgmental environment. People are their most creative, productive and happiest when they’re free to jam, so we’re continuously building an environment of trust. Our people are our purpose. The  most important thing we can do is admit we aren’t perfect, we make mistakes  and we can’t do it alone. “I was wrong,” “I need help,” or “I made a  mistake,” are powerful words we like to hear.


We believe it’s about People, Product, and Performance in that order. It starts with the right people who freely and frequently demonstrate gratitude and grit. We do quality because we actually care about how our efforts impact others. We work to make intelligent, bold choices and own them. We celebrate successes and failures. We work to make everyone feel included, empowered, and care deeply about our  business. We act as owners with every decision. We will do what it  takes to deliver on our promises to each other and to our investors. Let’s make each other proud.

We’re not titles, we’re humans. Let’s act accordingly. Let’s normalize not only caring about the work, but each other. For us it is about the people to our left and our right. We don’t want to let them down. Let’s take time to make time. Let’s get serious about getting to know each other, including our residents, partners and vendors. Let’s be stellar listeners and listen like we’re in on a secret. We want a culture of positive intentions, where assuming the best about people, and their actions, is automatic. Let’s be Mr. Rogers kind. Homemade-cookies, handwritten-thank-you, card-on-your-birthday kind.


We’re always learning and know we aren’t perfect and that might be our secret. We know that sometimes we don’t know. It’s why we embrace courageous conversations, whether about our work or about where we have room to improve. Going headfirst into the hard topics is ultimately for our benefit because it helps us learn and grow together. We’ll listen to each other, we’ll learn from each other, we’ll challenge each other, and take risks together.

We want commitment, not compliance. Commitment to finding the right way, not our way. We promise to do what we say, and bravely own our decisions. We want to experiment and know it won’t always work. We will try, fail fast, start again, and do it better. We work intentionally to be Better Today Than Yesterday (BTTY). After all, if we are 1% better every day, within a year we are 37 times better. That’s the kind of math we like.


Wanna know why we put such a premium on hard workers with humility? For starters, this is a no-ego zone. We know that Win/Win is the only sustainable scenario. We check our ego at the door and focus on helping others win too. We are Good Neighbors – kind, respectful, helpful and thoughtful.

We stand up for and stand with others, even if they don’t embody our same ideas. Good Neighbors understand no one person’s voice is more important than anyone else’s, unless you’re Adele. They do the right thing, not always the visibly popular thing. They choose the harder right over the more convenient wrong. A Good Neighbor is someone’s silent hero, kind of like Batman.

Get enough of these Good Neighbors and you’ve got yourself an unbreakable community: one where folks are respectful by default and help each other because they know kindness is not only good business but also just good ‘human-ing.’ We must never forget that our communities are our residents’ home. What we build, manage and protect allows them to live their very best lives. That is a noble mission.


Hustle is in our DNA. We’re a group of go-getters and passionate problemsolvers who are relentlessly in pursuit of excellence, but who know ultimately that relationships are the name of the game. That’s a game we play to win. So, while we have a good head on our shoulders, we’ve got a heart that’s in the right place too.

We enjoy being challenged, and we love to challenge assumptions about what it means to be a part of a team. Part of that is dismantling the idea of all work and no play. We take our jobs seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We want to enjoy life, and we also want to make our world a better place. We are relentless and vow never to stop ‘making better’ and celebrating when we do. We show up each day to make the real estate industry more valuable by creating great places to work, live, and grow.