We make positive change in the world for our partners, communities, and planet.


Doing the right thing is the smart thing to do.

Our communities are high-functioning, energy-efficient havens that are easy on the environment. To us, sustainability is more than just a buzzword—it’s the whole enchilada, the “why” of what we do. It’s our industry-leading, holistic approach that advances environmental, social, and financial performance all at the same time.

Yes, it’s about using resources well, but it’s also about reducing risk, adding value to our communities, and most importantly, having a positive impact on the communities and residents we serve. By making our local and global home a better, cleaner, more conscientious place, we all thrive. High fives all around.


Wellness and sustainability for all.


Reducing energy, water, waste, and CO2 Emissions.


Creating an inclusive, equitable workplace.


Doing what we say we’re going to do.



Being resource-conscious not only has a positive environmental impact but improves day-to-day living. Less polluted air + cleaner water + cleaner energy + lower bills = higher quality of life. That’s the kind of math we really enjoy.


How can we have a positive social impact while being profitable and sustainable? For us, it’s all about embracing diverse ideas, being equitable, and having an inclusive culture. Our humans’ and our residents’ health and wellness depend on a supportive environment that promotes caring and kindness. That fuels our success year after year.


Our governing principles positively impact our world, and they also make us accountable to our communities and partners. We keep ourselves honest and transparent with annual reporting, mapping out sustainable initiatives for the future, and creating an environment in which all people feel valued and empowered to be their best.


We're committed to being leaders in creating sustainable, inclusive, healthy communities.

Sustainability is woven into our culture. It’s embedded in all of our business practices.

CO2 Reduction Strategy

We put people first, which is why we focus on making their homes as comfortable and energy-efficient as possible. In 2020, we invested $3.8 million in LED lighting projects with sizable energy reductions, and by the end of 2021, we will have converted 100 percent of the common area lighting within our portfolio to LED. We’re adopting data-driven energy management best practices and benchmarking through top sustainability partners. In other words, #climategoals.

Renewables Program

By 2025, we’ll be generating significant amounts of renewable energy—including the equivalent of 100 percent for common areas. Our renewable sources roadmap is unprecedented for the multifamily market—just another way we’re trend-setting (just don’t call us trendy).

We are working to eliminate the need for irrigation through native species planting and xeriscaping, with an increased focus on smart irrigation and leak detection. We are also adopting low-flow fixtures as our standard. Other Smart Home initiatives will give our residents better control and provide us with better reporting.

Solar Goals

We’ve set the ambitious but achievable goal of reducing our properties’ energy consumption by 20 percent per home by 2022, and we plan to generate 20 MW of solar power by 2022. The bar we’ve set for ourselves is high, and we’re committed to clearing it.